As a landlord it's very important to really get to know who your new long term is going to be, this is a long term relationship and it's always best if both parties know each other's expectations from the start. 

As a landlord you should ask for following documents: 

  • A Rental Application allows you to really get to know more about the applicant. You can also call the references provided in the rental application to see what previous landlords or employers have to say about your potential tenant. 

  • A Credit Report is one of the most important documents to have at hand when looking screening a potential tenant. This will allow to assess the applicants financial history and be assured that they have not had any history of missing important payments. 

  • A Letter of employment or Multiple Pay Stubs will let you verify their employment and their ability to pay rent - since the salary is usually disclosed.

Some applicants might lack a Credit Report or Letter of Employment, which is common among students or new comers. So here are some additional documents you could also request. 

  • A signed Landlord Reference Letter from their current and/or previous landlords. This shines some light on the applicants past relationships with their property owners. 

  • Bank Statement or Proof of Equity is a useful document especially if the applicants are new to country, since in most cases they could lack a Credit Report and a Letter of Employment. 

We highly recommend you to take all the necessary steps to verify all the information in the documents provided, especially if you are entering into a commitment that can last for years. 

For more info or assistance with screening tenants feel free to message us on or email us at [email protected] 

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