If you are looking to purchase a house, such as a semi-detach, townhouse, or a detached home. Then it is highly recommended that you have a professional home inspection completed to make sure that are no major issues with the home. 

However, for condominium apartments a homes inspection is usually not necessary - especially if the building is relatively new. That is because most of the building systems (electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc.) are common elements, meaning they are jointly owned with the other condominium owners and are covered by the condominium corporation. These items are NOT inspected during a condominium inspection. Any issues, maintenance or renovation plans for the common elements are outlined in the unit's Status Certificate

In some instances, the sellers might already have an inspection report on hand. While this may allow you to save the cost of the homes inspection (around $300-500) and time, you should always make sure that the home inspection is less than 30 days old and was completed by a certified home inspector. 

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