The home inspection condition gives the purchaser an opportunity to hire a home inspector to ensure there are no major problems with the house. In some cases you might not need a home inspection condition, learn more here

If any issues arise during the home inspection the purchaser may then cancel the purchase, request credits, or request repairs for any issues discovered. 

We recommend 3-5 business days to make your offer competitive, as sellers prefer shorter inspection conditions. 

Here is an example of a home inspection condition: 

"This Offer is conditional upon the inspection of the subject property by a home inspector at the Buyer's own expense, and the obtaining of a report satisfactory to the Buyer in the Buyer's sole and absolute discretion. Unless the Buyer gives notice in writing delivered to the Seller not later than FIVE (5) banking days following acceptance of this offer that this condition is fulfilled, this Offer shall be null and void and the deposit shall be returned to the Buyer in full without deduction."

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